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What is a health advocate?

A health advocate is an independent consultant who can serve as a resource for people and their
families to better understand and navigate the complex healthcare system. This can be during a crisis or
while managing long term issues. We work with you or your loved one to discover your goals, needs and
wishes to ensure you have the information you need to have a voice in your care and make the best
decisions for you.
A healthcare advocate is someone who has obtained the level of knowledge required to improve
outcomes, as well as the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.

Why do you need an advocate?

You may be avoiding obtaining healthcare services because it is too confusing, you do not fully
understand Medicare or another insurance coverage, you cannot locate the level of care you need, or
you do not know your rights as a patient or with your insurance.
With Evergreen Health Advocates, you will have an experienced registered nurse by your side to be sure
you are heard and that you understand what is happening with your care and what your options are. We
can help relieve some of the burden and stress so you will have peace of mind.

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