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We Take Action

-We provide guidance through all transitions of care to help prevent misdiagnosis, omissions of care, and ensure smooth transitions.

-We manage and accompany you to your medical appointments or attend you at hospital bedside. Report to family at a distance as needed.

-We provide nursing assessments and review medications; We also do pill box fills.

-We assist with locating primary care, specialists, second opinion.

-We assist with obtaining services such as private duty care, visiting nurses, home physical therapy

medicine, technology and healthcare concept - female doctor or nurse with computer and cli
Medical Consultation

General Services

-We assist with problem solving.
-We clarify what your goals and expectations for healthcare are.

We Educate

-We share knowledge of major diseases, complications, and education regarding them. This includes pre-op
and post-operative recovery also.
-We provide education to promote healthy lifestyles.

Lifestyle counseling

We Review

-Review and provide translation of medical record.
-Review medical bills to ensure there are no errors and to cut costs.
-Complete advanced care planning forms, medical proxy/power of attorney, POLST and Portable DNR
forms and plan for the future.

What we do not do

-Give legal advice or litigation.
-Take the place of your providers.
-Diagnose or prescribe medication.
-Give advice or tell you what to do.

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