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Meet our founder and CEO Mary England,

     With over 36 years as a registered nurse, I have experienced widely varied aspects of healthcare including: Bedside nursing in many areas, traveling nursing, as a homecare case manager and coordinator, as a hospice nurse and coordinator, and 15 years as a hospital-based case manager helping patients and families navigate through all types of transitions of care. Nursing has been an important part of my life and has proven to be very rewarding thus far. It has been a privilege to help people during the best and worst times of their lives. Along with my experience comes a commitment to meet my clients needs and position them to obtain the best possible outcomes. It is the heart of my work.
     Being a Board Certified Patient Advocate ensures I am committed to continued learning and seeking new relationships with other healthcare professionals that may have knowledge that I do not. Continued knowledge growth means clients receive exceptional support in all areas needed. Board certification also ensures my commitment to the highest ethical standards. I am a member of the National Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, the largest and most extensive professional and support organization for private, independent health and patient advocates and care managers. 

     Prepared with knowledge, resources, and compassion, I can assist you or your loved one navigate the complexities of our healthcare system.
     Please call or email to set up a free phone consultation to discuss your needs.


     Call- (603)-409-1773


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